Twin Flame Love Letter 4


The Unsent Love Letters to my Twin Flame

I knew that I would regret pushing you away — I feel stupid telling you about my feelings for you, and now you are not talking to me.

I feel lost without you, and I do not know how to fix this; What can I do to me this right?

Telling you about how I feel made you uncomfortable but I thought that you would understand my point of view.

Of all the people in this world, I thought that you would understand when I said that I feel overwhelmed by this connection that we share.

I did not expect to feel this much love for you and now that you know how I feel, you will not talk to me.

I knew that I said it too early, but at the same time, I felt relieved when you got my message; I weight was lifted when I told you that I want you and you are special to me.

I keep wondering if I pushed you in another person’s arms — I feel hurt that I destroyed our friendship by pushing you away. I wish I could have used the right words to express how I feel instead of running away.

What can I do to fix this? — I miss my best friend — you are the most special person in my life and I pushed you away.

I am hoping that this letter helps to fix the situation because I have tried all other means to talk to you but you are still ignoring me; I called you countless times but I only get the answering machine, I have texted you but you say that it is best if we do not talk to each other, and I have communicated through our mutual friends but you still won’t talk to me.

The most difficult part about this is that I have no one to talk to because no one else but you can understand the nature of our connection.

Some friends think that I am obsessed with you, and others think that I am delusional loving you this way because they do not understand the chemistry that we share.

Truth is that I know that you feel the way I do; you always showed me how special I am to you and you loved the necklace that I put around your neck.

What can I do to fix this? I know that you know that I am sorry.

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