Twin Flame Love Letter 5: Your Eyes!

When I look in your eyes, I feel like I am staring into the Universe; you carry my heart with your eyes and you stare into my Soul.

With you in my life, I see a world of possibilities when you look at me, and I see my entire future in your eyes.

When I close my eyes, I see you and when I look in your eyes, I see myself and I see the perfect reflection of what I aspire to be.

You make me feel real, authentic, and natural — I feel like I can achieve my wildest dreams when I am with you. I see endless possibilities of the future because loving you frees my Soul.

I grow invisible wings because of loving you and my world is filled with light and color when you are in it.

I see your love for me when you look at me, and I also see you; the way you open up your soul to me when you look in my eyes is a gift to me because I know that you trust me with your Soul.

I love how we say so much to each other without saying a word, and we have our communication system by looking at each other.

Sometimes I feel like you live inside my thoughts because you can tell what I am thinking about my staring in my eyes.

I also know that you can tell if something is wrong with me if I try to avoid your gaze — you know me infinitely to the depth of my Soul.

I miss our heartfelt conversations when we talk endlessly for hours without noticing that time is passing by, and I dread the fact that I cannot look in your eyes because you are so far from me.

Sometimes when I get discouraged to keep moving forward after meeting you, I remember the feelings that I get when you look in my eyes.

Sometimes when I think that I am being delusional because I love you the way I do, I just remind myself how much you show that you love me.

My heart moves every time I think of you, and I hope that you miss me as much as I miss you.

My daily prayer is that I get to look in your eyes one more time.

Let me know about your Thoughts!

Stay Blessed!

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