Why is it difficult to tell a Twin Flame how you feel?

You cannot believe in telepathy until you meet a Twin Flame because it is unbelievable when your energetic vibration changes; you cease to feel alone. 

Suddenly, the void within you that you felt before is filled with the connection, and you feel complete because of the soul oneness.

Apart from feeling a constant energetic merging, you also feel like your Twin Flame downloads their consciousness into yours. You always feel their essence continuously merging with yours.

Because of the soul oneness that you feel after you meet a Twin Flame, you feel energetically rejuvenated due to the shared energy, and you start to operate as a single energetic unit. 

When you are around your Twin Flame, you do not need to use words to explain how you feel because your energetic vibration affirms to each other the authenticity of your connection. You can never find the right words to explain to your Twin Flame how you feel.

Sometimes a Twin Flame runs because you scare them away by making them feel uncomfortable when you try to explain how you feel, but it has to be done no matter how challenging the situation gets.

The separation phase gets easier when you know that your Twin Flame is running but they know how you feel about them.

No matter how much you try to block your feelings or bottle them up, there is a way divine timing intervenes and somehow you are nudged to reach out to them.

No matter how much you try to tell other people how you feel about your Twin Flame, it never makes sense to them and you end up feeling more unsatisfied with the feedback; it is only your Twin Flame that can get you.

You must overcome the fear of scaring your Twin Flame away because it in your best interest for both of you to know how you feel about each other.

Stay Blessed!

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