How can a Twin Flame chaser unify their energy with the runner?

No matter how much you try to forge a relationship with your Twin Flame, if they are not ready to confront themselves, their love for you, and the special connection that you share, your efforts of chasing them will be fruitless.

The runner Twin Flame always needs time alone so that they can acknowledge and accept how they feel – you have no control over how they respond to your connection.

When I was a chaser Twin Flame, I did not fully believe that learning to surrender and giving my Twin Flame his space would help me find inner peace but as I kept trusting divine timing, I finally found happiness during the long separation phase.

It is indeed true that you are your Twin Flame and there is no distinction between your energies because you operate as a single energetic unit.

The Twin Flame journey is also a process of finding inner Union by healing the broken parts within you so that you feel complete as a natural being that radiates unconditional love.

The more you learn to heal yourself; the core wounding and past pain that was lodged within you before, the more you feel your energy merging with the Twin Flame runner.

It does not matter if your Twin Flame talks to you or not because you will still experience the intense accelerated spiritual awakening process and you will also transform, evolve, and grow.

The sooner you find healing and inner Union within yourself as the chaser Twin Flame, the easier your Twin Flame journey becomes because you start to feel the connection purify itself within you and this feeling washes all the doubts away that you previously had.

Usually, a chaser Twin Flame is triggered to chase because of the need for affirmation that the runner feels the connection as much as they do but once you start embracing your Twin Flame connection with your heart, all the fears dissipate.

Therefore, finding inner Union for you as a Twin Flame is also in essence finding Union within your connection to your Twin Flame.

First, harmonize your energy within, and the rest will work itself out.

Stay Blessed!

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