What are the typical Twin Flame runner fears?

  • The fear of rejection:

If a Twin Flame inhibits abandonment issues, it is easier to run and hide than face the gloomy truth that there is a chance that their divine partner would abandon them. Instead, of going through the excruciating emotions of rejection, it is easier for the runner to put up walls against feeling the Twin Flame connection.

  • The fear of not being good enough:

If a Twin Flame is not used to feeling acknowledged and appreciated, it is almost impossible to accept that they are good enough for their divine partner. Crippled with fears of rejection and insecurity, the runner Twin Flame anticipates that they will mess up the good connection they have.

The runner Twin Flame has to find self-love and face their inner insecurities and fears on their own during the physical separation phase.

  • The fear of feeling unconditionally loved:

There is also a fear of feeling loved especially if the runner Twin Flame has been through heartbreaks in the previous karmic relationships. The runner has trust issues and since the Twin Flame encounter breaks your heart open, feeling vulnerable makes it very uncomfortable to accept a relationship.

  • The fear of change:

Change is very overwhelming to embrace because of the uncertainties. The runner Twin Flame can temporarily run and hide thinking that life would go back to what used to be normal before the encounter but accelerated change becomes the only constant every day after meeting a Twin Flame.

  • The fear of what others think:

If you are a fellow who is used to living life while to pleasing others, it becomes very difficult to accept the Twin Flame connection and it is much easier to run. This is because the Twin Flame experiences challenge you to change your status quo, and it is very different from how you handle everyday relationships.

The Twin Flame journey gives you a new perspective on unconditional love and relationships.

Stay Blessed!

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