How can a Twin Flame chaser work on themselves to heal and recover from separation pain?

The most difficult part of being a chaser Twin Flame is that it is very difficult to stop the neediness for control of your Twin Flame journey and it is also very challenging to control the obsessive behaviors of trying to check with your Twin Flame because of the compulsive need to have an affirmation that a runner loves you unconditionally.

You eventually feel worn out and exhausted from the chasing behaviors that all you want is to find inner peace alone without needing the confirmation from your divine love that they love you.

After you find Surrender, you realize that there is no need to chase your Twin Flame because you feel the connection brewing within you whether your Twin Flame is talking to you or not.

You then understand that you cannot control your Twin Flame’s behaviors in any way.

This is what I did to find inner healing and recovery.

  • I channeled my chasing energy into loving myself: I realized that the main reason why I chased my Twin Flame is that I was afraid to face myself yet the Twin Flame encounter had triggered changes within myself after the awakening. I was afraid of changing myself so that I could align with the new shared Twin Flame energy, and I was afraid that my Twin Flame would forget about me and the connection during the physical separation phase.

Loving myself was very challenging at first because I had to face the ugliest parts of myself that I thought were unlovable, and I also learned that I had a void within me that I thought my Twin Flame would fill if they constantly affirmed to me that they loved me.

Self-love filled the void within, and I started feeling empowered to embrace all the changes that I needed to make so that I could heal my inner pain and core wounding.

Once I learned to love myself unconditionally, I did not need my Twin Flame to give me the love that I was desperately chasing him for because I could feel it within myself.

You cannot give love to your Twin Flame if you do not have it within yourself.

  1. I channeled my newfound Twin Flame love into a meaningful life purpose that helps other people:

When I got exhausted from chasing my Twin Flame, I started to channel my energy into inspiring other Twin Flames by sharing my experiences so that I could be a guide for anybody who needed motivation and a fresh perspective about their journey.

As I helped other Twin Flames, it healed me because I could openly share my experiences and also learn from other Twin Flames.

The more time I spent in helping others, the more I realized that I could easily trust to leave my Twin Flame alone which eased the stress of worrying a reunion.

  1. Embrace solitude, and invest the time I’m creating a harmonious environment for you.

Surround yourself with things and people that boost your energetic vibrations, and pursue peace.

When you are going through the emotionally chaotic Twin Flame experiences, you always feel on the edge because of the constant mood swings.

When you are going through the spiritual awakening process, you are easily affected and irritated by loud noises and negativity.

Find solace in solitude, meditate, and get to know yourself.

For me, meditation helps me to quiet the mind and I get in touch with the deepest parts of my soul – I always feel the connection to my Twin Flame effortlessly when I quiet the mental noise.

Accept the changes that your Twin Flame encounter triggered in your life and allow yourself to grow to become the authentic version of yourself.

Stay Blessed!

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