Simple Positive ways to boost your energetic vibration

As a Twin Flame, it is your responsibility to keep yourself happy whether you are separated from your Twin Flame or not.

I have learned over the past three years that if you strive at feeling happy and doing things that accumulate more joy within you, the easier your Twin Flame experiences get.

Sometimes, it is easier to be alone than be surrounded by negativity; this is why the Twin Flame journey gets lonely sometimes during the physical separation phase because you seek and find more comfort in solitude.

These simple tips have helped me to stay happy and in a positive mood when I feel like giving up.

  • Love the body that you are in:

Your body is your temple and the more you feel comfortable in your skin, the happier you feel about yourself which boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Here are some simple practices that you can do so that you can show more respect for your body.

For me, I feel more comfortable wearing these workout shoes.

Love your body


There are some simple exercises that you can do from your living room for about 10 to 30 minutes of your time in the day to keep your body in shape and to also boost your wellbeing.


You can simply download a yoga application on your phone or iPad and practice the poses at your pace. You do not have to be a professional in physical exercise to master the poses.

Yoga not only makes your body look great, stretching helps you with proper breathing, and it also stimulates your blood circulation.


Spend time in nature, take walks in the forest, along the beach, or read a book from under a tree.

Feeling connected to nature boosts your energetic vibration because it heals your spirit.

Dress well:

Outfits for you!

Comfy clothing

When you dress well, you feel confident; you feel attractive and you also attract people who are like you.

Represent yourself 100% on every occasion because you only have one life to live.

Take care of your beauty:

Beauty Assortments

Taking care of your natural beauty is as simple as making sure that you have a vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

You can also create simple natural beauty care products from your kitchen by using natural products.

Stay in the know:

Be mindful of your spirit and quiet the mental noise. Be present in every life situation that you encounter and keep accumulating more joy in every moment that you live.

Relax your thoughts

Mastering the art of mindfulness takes time and you also must have the discipline to be able to stay in the now.

Here are some of the things that I do to train myself.


I spare about 30 minutes of the day, and I find a quiet place and simply train my mind to stay quiet.

Soothing music

To enjoy more of my meditation routines, I sometimes play soothing music.

Unwind with your favorite movies

Sometimes I choose to relax, stay at home, and enjoy my favorite movies.

Expand your imagination by feeding your soul

Feed your thoughts with information, to expand your imagination.

Read a book

Listen to an audiobook

Learn a new skill by watching interesting videos

Positive Mental Affirmations

Train your inner critic to support you and motivate you.

Listen to positive affirmations

Stay Blessed!

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