What are the challenges of the Twin Flame separation phase?

Even though you both promise and plan on reuniting with each other again, the feelings on uncertainty and the fears of being away from each other keep both Twin Flames in constant worry and doubts that a reunion might not happen after all.

Communication fails:

What makes communication for Twin Flames estranged is that it is very difficult to put into words how you feel about each other, and no matter how many words you use, you will never be able to articulate the giant feels.

When you are with a Twin Flame, you do not need words to explain how you feel because you see your Twin Flame’s love for you in their eyes.

During long-distance communication, the situation becomes overly complicated if you are both living on different continents and there are different time zones which sometimes makes it challenging to have a great phone time.

Social media complicates the situation further because you end up sending each other mixed signals, and sometimes it is easy to get jealous if it seems like your Twin Flame is having a great time without you.

Karmic relationships and blockages:

It is very common to meet a Twin Flame while you are both in relationships and or married to their partners.

The situation becomes very complicated if you have a family or a joint business with your karmic partner.

Once you are physically separated from a Twin Flame, you are tasked to dissolve your karmic ties so that you can reunite but the separation phase is prolonged if there are still blockages between you.

A Twin Flame can also run into another relationship during the separation phase for various reasons but it is usually because they have more soul lessons to learn.

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