Is it possible to let go and forget a runner Twin Flame?

Meeting a Twin Flame is like a beautiful curse because no matter how much you try to forget them, you are constantly haunted by thoughts of them.

When you meet a Twin Flame, the changes that happen in your life are divinely guided, and no matter how far you seem to physically drift apart, all the soul lessons that you learn during the physical separation phase prepare you for a harmonious reunion.

It all comes down to finding inner healing, and eventually, inner peace but nothing can stop you from feeling the intense connection and the strong desire to merge with your Twin Flame eternally.

You will eventually find peace, and inner harmony within you but your Soul always craves the oneness with your Twin Flame because you operate as a single energetic unit.

It is no coincidence that you met your Twin Flame and have faith that you will see each other again.

Stay Blessed!

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