Do you believe it when you are telepathically connected with your Twin Flame in 5D?

It is impossible to explain to anyone who is not a Twin Flame the meaning of telepathic communication because it sounds delusional.

But, if you are a Twin Flame, you know what I mean.

Telepathic communication is effortless, and I believe that it is what makes the Twin Flame physical separation phase very interesting.

If you have met your Twin Flame, then you know that when you are in the same room, you can understand each other without saying a word because your energetic vibration is at the same frequency.

When you are next to your Twin Flame, you can sense what they are feeling and it also feels like you live inside each other’s minds.

You are also amazed by how you can guess their thoughts – it is like you can foretell what they say next.

The story is the same while you are physically separated because you can still feel your Twin Flame while you are miles apart.

Apart from hearing mental conversations, you also feel their joy and pain.

You also feel a sexual intimacy with your Twin Flame as if they are making love to you in the soul.

It does not matter where your Twin is, you feel the soul intimacy with them.

Twin Flame love is the best beautiful experience that can ever happen to you because it is unbelievably magical.

Stay Blessed!

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