Is it necessary to keep out of touch with a Twin Flame?

The physical separation phase is necessary for both Twin Flames so that they can both have a break from each other to contemplate and understand their feelings.

Meeting a Twin Flame is surprising, soul shocking, and transformational spiritually.

It is very uncomfortable to accept the intense feelings and emotions after the spiritual awakening, and having a break from each other as a Twin Flame pair allows you time to grow, and transform so that you can embody the newfound shared Twin Flame energy of oneness.

When a Twin Flames separate physically from each other, it is only the beginning of their forever because you feel the connection growing within you every day.

There is a profound reason why you met your Twin Flame and you must trust that you will eventually end up together.

Stay Blessed!

2 thoughts on “Is it necessary to keep out of touch with a Twin Flame?

  1. I know that every twin flame journey is unique and their own but we are living long distance so we have never been disconnected other than the time not spent together which I feel has been enough. When we do get together at least twice a month or every other week we just begin where we left off. It’s amazing how well we get along together and enjoy the same foods and even share the same illnesses. We both have had skin cancer and surgery in the same spot. We even had our dermatologist appointments on the same day and time that we both made a year prior before we met.

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    1. This is such a beautiful love story. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Twin Flame love is indeed beautiful and sacred. Sending you blessings and love to you both. ❤️☀️❤️☀️


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