Should you go after your Twin Flame is you are already married?

 There is no end to the Twin Flame connection and nothing you can do can sever the connection no matter what you try to do.

Even though you have been married before you meet your Twin Flame, you learn various love lessons during your marriage that prepare you to understand your Twin Flame relation before.

If you allow yourself to accept your Twin Flame love connection, you allow yourself to grow in love and if you are already married, you have to make the most uncomfortable choices so that you can change and bloom.

It is a tough choice to let your Twin Flame live their life without you in and it feels impossible to let go but it is the best choice.

Your Twin Flame will eventually return when they are ready to confront the nature of your Twin Flame relationship if they are still married.

If you are in a marriage yourself, you will have to choose to dissolve your marriage to have a chance of a harmonious relationship.

Twin Flame initial meetings are always unplanned and you have to go through so many changes to have happiness with your Twin Flame eventually.

Stay Blessed!

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