I think that I have found the solution to recovering from the Twin Flame chaser pain.

The magic is; if you have met your Twin Flame and lived together closely, you already know the new feelings that they brought to you during the initial encounter.

You know and believe in your soul that meeting your Twin Flame is the best thing that ever happened to you.

Of course, you know the many reasons why; like they sort of breathed fresh air into your lungs and every moment that you spent with them feels like a taste of sugar.

Having a Twin Flame in your life makes it feel sweet, beautiful, and colorful.

When you are with your Twin Flame you have no fear; you feel free within yourself to be authentic, beautiful, and accepting.

You completely let your guard down when you are with your Twin Flame.

When you meet a true Twin Flame, you know it within you that they are the true love that it can scare you off.

When I met my Twin Flame for the first time, I always asked myself these 3 questions; “How is this real?” “Real love exists?”, and “How can I be this lucky to feel this way?

So, here is my solution:

During the physical separation phase when you are in despair and missing your Twin Flame, simply retrace your memories and visualize how you feel when your Twin Flame is with you.

The feelings, memories, and thoughts of the good times that you shared during the initial encounter aka the bubble love phase will soothe, you, comfort you, and help you get through your darkest days.

Twin Flame love is magical, real, and eternal.

Stay Blessed!

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