What happens if the runner Twin Flame returns yet the chaser has moved on?

Well, from my experience, the Twin Flame connection is an ebb and flow because you feel its power within whether you are a chaser or a runner that there is no beginning or end to how you feel.

The Twin Flame runner and chaser phase is an energetic dance that must be completed by both Twin Flames and even though you run or chase your Twin Flame, you know it within you that your energy changed once you met your Twin Flame and you feel a spiritual transformation within you that you cannot control.

The chaser Twin Flame can choose to move on from physically waiting for the runner but your soul is constantly pulling you towards your Twin Flame through your thoughts, emotions, and energy.

The runner Twin Flame reaches a point in their lives where they start to realize that the connection to the chaser is genuine and the realization phase sheds light on their mistakes.

Error is to humans; a runner Twin Flame realizes that no matter what they do to physically push their Twin Flame away, it does not make the love feelings they feel dissipate.

Every chaser Twin Flame must accept that soon or later, your divine partner will return and once they do, you must be ready to make difficult choices of change to either stay with them or separate again.

The reason why I believe that the separation phase is a blessing in disguise is that it allows both Twin Flames to grow, change, transform, and evolve spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

When you meet your Twin Flame, the meaning of love changes for you and no matter how many lovers you have after your separation, you cannot forget how you complete each other.

There is always a void within you only your Twin Flame can fill and you always feel lonely without the comfort of your Twin Flame no matter how many people you surround yourself.

When the runner Twin Flame returns, make sure that you are ready to confront the situation, and also make sure to embrace your reunion with an open heart.

Stay Blessed!

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