Why do I feel overwhelmed to accept that a reunion with my Twin Flame is imminent?

Do you know the saying that goes; “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it?”

If you have been a chaser Twin Flame, you obsess every day about seeing your Twin Flame again but in the You feel a very strange unsettling feeling every time you think about seeing your Twin Flame again.

You sometimes panic when you start debating whether you are ready or not to see your Twin Flame.

It is important to work on yourself as a Twin Flame during the separation phase because of the following reasons:

When you meet your Twin Flame again, they will also have gone through so many changes and transformed — You must both be at the same wavelength energetically, emotionally, and physically for you to have a harmonious relationship.

If you still have any emotional, spiritual, or psychological work to be done within you, you will feel uncomfortable in the presence of your Twin Flame because they will trigger you in another wave of emotional chaos so that you can face whatever pain that needs to be done which will trigger another separation cycle.

If you deeply desire to have a forever harmonious union with your Twin Flame, begin preparing now because once you reunite, you will have to go through different phases of changes to fit your lives together.

The lessons that you are learning right now during the separation phase are refining you, preparing you, and empowering you to be ready to handle the changes that you will have to go through after the reunion.

The authentic version of yourself that you become after the intense transforming soul lessons is stable, awakened, and in unison with your Twin Flame energetically.

A reunion with your Twin Flame is not the end goal of the Twin Flame journey but rather the beginning of another chapter of the experience.

You take on new life experience when you reunite with your Twin Flame; you forever begin.

Stay Blessed!

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