What kind of work are you supposed to do during the physical separation phase?

For you to become the authentic natural version of yourself, you must feel stable, secure, and complete psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Twin Flames are never separated because of the soul oneness, and you both must be the authentic versions of yourselves to be in union with each other because, in essence, you are one. You must complete and complement each other in every aspect of your lives to have a harmonious physical relationship that you both crave.

If you feel separated from your Twin Flame in any way, it is because you still have blockages within yourself that are hindering you from feeling the oneness with your Twin Flame.

The work that you need to do is to move the blockages within yourself by embracing the changes that need to be done so that you can grow and overcome any obstacles like the fear of change, physical insecurities, emotional pain, wounded inner child, dissolving karmic ties, spiritual disconnection, etc.

The work that you need to do therefore depends on the kind of blockages that you inhibit within yourself.

The beauty of the Twin Flame journey is that the changes that you need to make are divinely guided, and this is why you need to surrender first and keep your heart open to embrace any changes that you need to make.

You also have to keep the faith that you will eventually overcome your obstacles as you embrace the difficult soul lessons that you learn as you progress on your journey.

To simply put it, the work that you need to do seeks you.

From experiences, here are some examples of some of the work that you need to do:


When you go through the initial stages of the spiritual awakening process, you go through intense soul lessons that sharpen the awareness of your existence, and humanity. You learn to appreciate your humanity, and you crave to live a life of meaning and purpose to help the human collective. Spiritual awakening also brings enlightenment into your life.


The Twin Flame encounter triggers emotional chaos within you, and you go through series of emotional cleansing processes so that you can purge any emotional blockages, and you are also triggered to face your core wounding so that you can heal from that past pain that you have lodged within you.


You are already in union with your Twin Flame but you must feel the oneness within you. If you have core issues that you need to work on, you will not only feel separated from within but you will also feel detached from your Twin Flame and the world around you. Once you are energetically healed, you will an energetic oneness with your Twin Flame because you operate as a single energetic unit.


Self-love boosts your confidence; you feel comfortable in your skin because you feel no insecurities. When you love yourself, you do not worry that your Twin Flame will abandon you, and it also boosts your psychological wellbeing.

Stay Blessed!

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