How do you successfully prepare yourself for a Twin Flame Union?

At the beginning of the physical separation phase, you worry that you may not see your Twin Flame again because you have no idea what the future holds.

As time passes, you wonder if you are deluding yourself after all because your hope starts to dwindle; you don’t see the real signs that affirm to you of your Twin Flame’s return.

Once doubts creep in, you start to feel like you are in dogma: You have no specific sense of direction in regards to your Twin Flame situation.

You know that there is no turning back to your old life, and the new changes that keep happening in your life are alchemical.

You wonder if you were deluding yourself thinking that you found your Twin Flame. You start doubting if the Twin Flame experience is real.

It is very normal to feel this way; to lose hope, and to feel doubtful.

Here is another perspective that you can have to help you feel productive and keep moving forward to achieving the union that you deeply desire.

Have to focus:

Do you have an endgame for your Twin Flame situation or are you going through your experience aimlessly?

When you focus on what your Union would look like once you achieve it, you work towards achieving the goal every day.

You will feel suck in everything that you do if you have no particular goals to focus on to achieve your Union; and you will also drift off the course of your Twin Flame journey.

When you have no goals, you will easily be swayed by any information you read, and you will easily believe any advice that is given to you whether it is right or wrong.

Do the uncomfortable work needed for you to move forward:

You must be ready to feel uncomfortable when embracing the changes that you need to make to achieve successful results.

As a Twin Flame, you are tasked to make changes in every aspect of your life in the following ways:

Spiritual changes:

The first significant sign of meeting a Twin Flame is the spiritual awakening phase that you go through. You feel yourself awakening to yourself and your life situation. You feel your energetic vibration rising to a higher frequency than before.

When your energetic vibration rises to a higher frequency, you start to purge your energy; anything or anyone that does not match the frequency of your energetic vibration is let go.

When you are going through a spiritual awakening, you want to surround yourself with positive energy. You prefer to be alone than be surrounded by negativity. It is best to seek solitude so that you can get to know yourself.

Once you spiritually awaken, you feel enlightened. You feel happiness sprouting from within. Your life becomes simple and effortless.

Once you achieve enlightenment, you feel empowered to gracefully embrace the different aspects of your Twin Flame journey.

Physical changes:

If you want abundance and new blessings in your life, you must first make room. You have to clear all the blockages in your life by consciously focusing on creating solutions to clear the path to a union.

If you are still stuck in your marriage or karmic relationship, your behavior is defeating the purpose of having your Twin Flame in your life because you are still busy fulfilling your marital obligations.

If the barrier between you and your Twin Flame is about the difference in cultural customs, religion, or language, you have to put in the effort to learn your Twin Flame’s language, or convert to their religion or learn their traditions and customs.

If your reunion will involve moving to a new continent so that you can be closer to your Twin Flame, you must start figuring out how to successfully go about it.

Maybe it will require you to change your job to earn more money to enable you to move continents. You might need to learn new skills or improve your talents to match the skill capability needed to get a new job when you move.

Emotional changes:

If you want to have a harmonious union with your Twin Flame, you must get to know yourself better. If you feel emotionally clogged, you must figure out how to heal your energy.

For you to appreciate the magic, and blessings of the shared Twin Flame energy, you must feel ready to embody it. If you are feeling energetically blocked, you will feel irritated by the energy that you share with your Twin Flame.

You will keep having intense mood swings. You always feel restless and agitated by everything that comes in your space.

Also, if you are feeling emotionally blocked, you cannot feel the blissful feelings of euphoria that the Twin Flame love brings.

When you clear your energy, you feel blessed to be connected to your Twin Flame. You feel content that the connection is authentic. You also believe that when the right time comes, you will eventually see your Twin Flame.


Lastly, you have to seek self-love. For you to give love to your Twin Flame, you must feel it within yourself first.

For you to give love, you must know love.

Stay Blessed!

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