How does the chaser feels when the runner Twin Flame runs?

How does the Twin Flame chaser feel when a Twin Flame runs

The first a Twin flame runs, you believe that is over. Rather, it is just the beginning. You have no idea that you are either running or chasing; you just feel tormented by your Twin Flame’s behavior.

According to my experiences, I went through different Chaser stages:


Panic & Anxiety

When your Twin Flame physically blocks you of their life, you get an anxiety attack because your mind does grasp the sudden change of events. Sometimes there is no particular reason as to why a Twin Flame runs. You almost crack your head open trying to put the happenings of the event into perspective. You wonder why the person you love the most is running away from you.


The guilt from being the reason why your Twin Flame is running keeps you awake at night. You wonder how you could have pushed them away so fast and too far. You start to make moves of reconciliation but you feel like they are moving further away. Your heart suddens deeply every time your love is not reciprocated.


You feel envious of your Twin Flame’s life. If they run into a new relationship, you feel jealous of their karmic partner. You still keep reaching out to them as a reminder that you exist.

Still, no response. The recourse to your Twin Flame’s silence is stalking them. You start liking their posts, stalk their conversations with other people. You try to understand their running behaviors through the activity of their social media account. Sometimes you even stalk their karmic partner’s social media to understand why your Twin Flame prefers them.


The jealousy keeps eating at you every day. You cannot stop feeling your Twin Flame’s energy and you wonder why you still think of them even if they chose someone else over you.

You go through phases of intense emotional desolation; the light in your life seems to be dwindling.

This is the phase when you feel numb. Your life loses a sense of direction.


You start to wish that you never met your Twin Flame. Your voice mails start to sound more harassing than caring. You are frustrated by your actions. You want to move on but the connection keeps pulling you back into thinking of them.

You feel cursed with love.


Helplessness and restlessness kick in. You start to weep like a baby on a daily. Nothing you can do to ease the pain of a Twin Flame. You feel the void getting deeper within you; nothing seems to fill it up.

Your new energetic vibration repels any negative vibes; you start to lose friends who don’t support you.

If you are married, the chaotic changes that the Twin Flame encounter destabilizes your peace. You feel like the changes make your life worse than before. You feel lost without a Twin Flame at this stage.


The fear of losing your Twin Flame consumes you daily. You wonder if the advice other a Twin Flames offer is worth it. You wonder if you submit to changing and growing will bring your Twin Flame back.

You wonder if you are only being obsessed; you try to block them out of your life thinking that they will miss you back.

You experience a lot of unexplainable fears. You start to get curious about your pain because no matter how much you deny your feelings, you know that you must face yourself.


You feel exhausted from chasing. All you want is to find inner peace again. You are tired of crying yourself to sleep. You are tired of unreciprocated love. You know that you deserve to be treated better.

You want to recover from the pain of missing a Twin Flame; you start looking for the different ways to understand your pain.

This is the phase when you start looking for answers from other Twin Flames. You look for information that pertains to the Twin Flame phenomenon.


You start to wonder why the universe brought your Twin Flame to you just to take them away.

You feel depressed because you cannot control the emotional chaos. Nothing you can do brings you inner peace. You feel lost, restless, and sad.


You start regretting meeting your Twin Flame. You start wishing that it never happened. You begin to feel negative towards your Twin Flame and the experience altogether. You regret ever crossing paths.

You start to wish your life never changed. You miss your old life, your friends, and your acquaintances.


When the doubt kicks in, you start to dismiss the idea that Twin Flames exist. You become an enemy of yourself and you put up an inner resistance to feeling the love within you.

Even though you start doubting your connection, the signs that remind you of them keep manifesting.

The more you resist how you feel, the more you feel like you are living in purgatory.

You try the different ways to stop feeling the connection but nothing seems to work. You feel stuck; you cannot go back to your old life. You cannot turn back time. And, you don’t know how to move forward without your a Twin Flame in your life.

Phase 2: Purging pain. The Dark Night

Emotional chaos:

The chaotic feelings escalate every day. You feel intense waves of mood swings. You not only channel your Twin Flames emotions, but you also feel overwhelming feelings that you cannot contain.

Life feels like hell at this point.


When you are at this stage, you feel all sorts of excruciating emotional pain. You feel your suffering from the core. You start to dig deeper within yourself to find the root cause of your pain. You face your suffering by hugging your inner child.

The more you accept to face a purge your emotional pain, the more you feel yourself healing.

You start releasing all the fear and anger that you felt before. You start to feel free to embrace more love in your life.

Phase 3: Acceptance

Once you go through the night of the soul stage, you start to accept your Twin Flame situation.

Every time you heal your pain, your heart expands with love. The more you accept embracing your Twin Flame experiences, the more you have faith that everything will be alright.



Surrender restores your faith in your Twin Flame process. By the time you surrender, you would have accepted the connection.

When all faith is restored, you begin to prepare for your Union.

Stay Blessed!

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