How do you find solutions to the obstacles along the Twin Flame journey?

Persistent and determination alone are omnipotent on the Twin Flame journey.

If you hang in there long enough, you will reach a union.

For every failure that you encounter, there is always an alternate course of action.

If you find a roadblock, there is always a detour.

There are three distinct ways to confront an obstacle; get around it, get over it, or get through it.

Always be solution-oriented in your thinking. Persevere until you find a way that works.

Difficulties are also opportunities for better things; they are a stepping stone to transcending experiences.


One of life’s realities is that major improvements take time; they do not happen overnight.

When you have very high expectations of instant gratification, you will get disappointed when it does not happen.

Becoming a master at anything takes time.

You have to commit to never-ending practice and improvement.

You have to hone your skills through constant practice and refinement.

It takes years to have depth and breadth of your experiences to achieve expertise, insight, and wisdom during your journey.

Every book that you read, every class that you take, and every experience that you gain is another building block to your life.

Do not shortchange yourself by not being ready for the union that you desire.

When you commit to becoming better in every career of your life, you will enjoy the feelings of increased self-esteem.


Persistence and consistency go hand in hand for Twin Flames.

The more you dare to overcome your Twin Flame obstacle, the greater the chance that something will happen in your favor.

Sometimes you will have to persist in the face of obstacles.

Sometimes the universe will test your commitment to the goals that you are pursuing.

Some obstacles will require you to develop new parts of yourself. Others will require you to make difficult decisions.

Stay Blessed!

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