Twin Flame Runner Traits

In essence, if you happen to be the runner, you are afraid of facing certain parts of yourself that your Twin Flame mirrors at you.

They trigger you to feel the pain that you had buried within yourself. They challenge you to face yourself; love yourself.

Your Twin Flame reflects your deepest desires and greatest fears.

It is easier to run than feel vulnerable to face yourself. You choose to run from your Twin Flame because they are the source of the triggers to push you to accept unconditional love in your life.

Sometimes you run because you feel unworthy of the authentic love that exists between you. If a runner has abandonment issues, the Twin Flame encounter exposes the wounds. It feels like pouring salt on a fresh wound.

The runner also could block the divine partner because they do not feel ready to embrace the chaotic emotions. They need closure with themselves first before they confront the sacred connection.

When you chase your Twin Flame, you get exhausted. You feel frustrated by their running actions. The frustration is significant because it exposes all the pain that you carry.

On the other hand, your chasing behaviors affect the runner by frustrating them as well. The more they feel stressed, the more they are pushed to question the nature of your connection.

Furthermore, the frustrations that both Twin Flames trigger within each other act as a catalyst to the manifestations of changes that happen.

From my experience going through this Twin Flame process for three years, I now understand that there is nothing that you can do to make the runner come back.

Any efforts that you make to bring them back will exhaust you. You will feel frustrated by your actions in attempts to bring them back.

The runner Twin Flame can also keep running. They never find any peace no matter how many people they try to date.

Stay Blessed!

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