What must a Twin Flame newbie know?

Finding your Twin Flame is like a curse; the encounter changes your paradigm of life generally.

You start to seek love within – the more you seek, the more you rediscover the essence of life. This is how you can Surrender to Self-love

The Twin Flame experiences happen within you. You have to surrender to the infinite love that you feel within yourself.

It is a journey that you take within yourself; it is an exploration of what makes you – rediscovering your authenticity.

As you progress further along your journey, you realize that you are mirrors to each other. You feel the same way your Twin Flame feels because you operate as a single energetic unit. You have the same frequency of energetic vibration.

The physical separation phase that you go through tests your faith in love. There are moments when you want to give up on your Twin Flame if they are running from you. The heart feels stuck on them. How does it feel to be a Twin Flame chaser?

Any thoughts that you have about severing the bond scare you; it feels impossible to detach from a Twin Flame.

The love that you feel for a Twin Flame is grandeur. You feel like the universe is expanding within you when you look in their eyes.

Stay Blessed

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