What should you expect to know as a Twin Flame newbie?

There is no turning back to your old life – it does not matter how many times you try.

You must be ready to make room for the new changes that will take over your life. 

You must keep an open heart to the alchemical transformations that you will go through.

  • Faith is your magical weapon:

The moment you lose faith in your Twin Flame connection, you will feel lost and helpless. 

You will feel doubtful and discouraged sometimes. 

Sometimes you will be in disbelief that you are feeling pure unconditional love. On other days will feel like you are going crazy; you will wonder if you are making it all up in your mind. 

The connection is what it is; you have to always believe in how you feel. Here is how to overcome the pain of missing a Twin Flame.

  • Be ready to face your greatest fears. You will go through very trying moments:

There are days when you will feel like letting go altogether; you will feel frustrated by the loneliness when you miss a Twin Flame. 

The emotional desolation that you will feel cannot be quenched by anything else but Twin Flame love.  It is possible to overcome the stressful phases of the Twin Flame process. Here is a simple guide to inspire you.

Missing a Twin Flame is like missing a limb. The soul always aches to be merged in every aspect of it.

Everyone has a Twin Flame somewhere out there:

Everyone deserves to experience great unconditional love. You are blessed to be one of the lucky few who get to meet their great love in this lifetime.

If your experience does not align with the advice of other Twin Flames, don’t fret it. Just know that everyone experiences the process differently.  What are the Authentic signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

Some people’s experiences can also mirror yours sometimes. It does not mean that you are the same. We are all unique as human beings, and so is each Twin Flame pair.

How does it feel to meet a Twin Flame for the first time?

I made a lot of mistakes when I was new to the Twin Flame journey because I did not have a guide. Here is one if you need a fresh perspective.

  • The Twin Flame experience is under the influence of divine timing:

You must align yourself with the process of the journey and flow with it instead of resisting the connection. 

Keep your heart open to receive your blessings. Twin Flame Fun Facts.

When you learn to unlock each piece of the puzzle of your Twin Flame process, you start to understand the true meaning of each lesson that you learned along the way. 

How do you reunite with a Twin Flame if they are married to someone else?

The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

You cannot go against the abundance that the universe has in store for you.

Every answer that you are seeking is within yourself. If you want to find peace, you must be brave to take the journey within yourself. 

The love that you seek from your Twin Flame already exists within you. Be the love that you already are. How do you Surrender to Self-love and let your Twin Flame be who they want t be.

  • Your Twin Flame lives inside you:

Don’t you feel them with you all the time? 

You are your Twin Flame – you think of them all the time. Your thoughts always race towards them. 

You feel nostalgic when you get consumed by the memories that you once shared. 

You also have an innate desire to merge in every aspect of your lives. Here are some ways you can prepare to reunite with a Twin Flame.

There is no forgetting a Twin Flame; you cannot detach your emotions and feelings from the connection. 

Apart from the shared dreams, you also feel your Twin Flame’s energy hovering over you while you sleep.

No matter what anybody says about your Twin Flame experiences, it does not matter. 

  • The Twin Flame course is a journey that you take alone. 

No one can walk it for you. Even though you are connected, you both walk your miles in parallel with each other.

The gifts of the Twin Flame journey are abundantly overflowing; you will transform into your authentic self. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

  • You must believe in your blessings: 

You must align your desires with your actions. You must be ready to embrace your gifts with an open heart. 

You have to let go of the self-defeating behaviors that go against your natural desires. 

If you desire to spend the rest of your life with your Twin Flame, you must act following what you believe. All in all, your happiness is yours alone.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel.

I wish you blessings and love!

Stay Blessed!

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