Does 11:11 mean anything to you?

When I was new to the Twin Flame journey three years ago, I was bombarded by signs that always reminded me of my Twin Flame.

Every time I looked on the clock, I could either see the digits arranged as his birthday. Here are some of the signs to show that a Twin Flame is thinking of you.

At first, I was very shocked as to why every time I thought of my Twin Flame, I would look on the clock, and there it was! 11:11.

I started to align 11:11 with the blessings of the universe – I took it as a sign from the universe that I was doing a great job.

Sometimes when I saw it in moments of doubting the nature of my journey, I would take it as a sign of encouragement. Can a Twin Flame be a fake one? How do you know if it is a genuine connection?

Ever since I separated from my Twin Flame, I am used to seeing the digits. I stopped trying to crack the code of what it means and flow with the blessings from the universe.

Lately, every time I see 11:11, I say a little prayer and send love to my Twin Flame in my heart. Does the Twin Flame journey end? These are my discoveries.

I believe that it only matters to you; any signs and symbols can carry significance.

Stay Blessed!

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