How do you feel when you look at your Twin Flame’s social media yet they are not talking to you?

It is best to find happiness in everything that you do. Instead of worrying about your Twin Flame, you can focus on healing any pain that you feel. Here is a simple guide for you.

What do you do if you meet your Twin Flame but you are married to someone else? This was my experience.

I blocked him at first because I was jealous; he seemed happy without me. Immediately after I blocked him, I regretted it and followed him again. He follows me but I do not follow him.

I am happy that I do not see their social media because it would drive me crazy. I used to always be on social media before I met my Twin Flame.

I was one of the influencers. What are the changes that you go through when you meet a Twin Flame for the first time?

Once I met my Twin Flame, the meaning of my life changed. I started to crave a life of meaning and authenticity.

I realised that I was very exposed on the internet. Since the Twin Flame process has taught me how to love myself, I learned that I did not love feeling exposed on the internet.

The Spiritual awakening phase also taught me how to embrace solitude: I always wanted to be alone to either meditate or sit in a quiet corner and feel the Twin Flame shared energy.

How have you managed to communicate your feelings? Does your Twin Flame know how you feel? I have a Tip for you here. I also had accumulated a bunch of Unsent Love Letters to my Twin Flame.

I have learned to get to know myself better ever since I deleted my facebook account. I have diverted the energy towards finding a fulfilling life purpose that involves helping other Twin Flames. Twin Flame Love Lessons

When I was still connected with my Twin Flame over social media, I was always checking to see what he was doing.

Sometimes I would stalk the girls whose photos he liked. I felt like a stalker. I did not enjoy feeling insecure.

I realised that social media is not the right channel for us to keep in touch. I find it superfiacial and unrealistic.

I could not keep up with the emotional stress that comes from trying to please everyone. I could not match the expectations.

This is my perspective. What is yours?

Stay Blessed!

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