What are the things that only Authentic Twin Flames know?

  • The first lesson that I learned when I was new to this Twin Flame experience was to stick to my inner knowing as a guide or compass to understand the information that I was absorbing when I was trying to understand how the Twin Flame experience works.
  • Healing happens both within ourselves. It also happens within the connection to our divine counterpart.
  • The process of Soul awakening works away through both Twin Flames once they encounter each other.
  • Once the Twin Flame couple recognizes each other, the bond only grows stronger.
  • Thinking of your Twin Flame is a natural condition. If you try to block thoughts of them, you feel restless. You feel uneasy and out of place.
  • If you are going through a chaotic phase right now: Emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually, know that it is only temporary. I understand your confusion and frustrations. You are not alone out there going through this.
  • The Twin Flame relationship is a very personal experience that only those who have experienced it can relate.
  • Like any other journey, the Twin Soul journey is all about staying focused and staying in motion as you advance towards the ultimate goal of a union.
  • Sometimes it feels like there is no progress at all. Keep the trust that everything will turn out for the best. Divine timing is always at play.
  • Self-doubt and negative thinking have been some of my challenges. My Twin Soul’s energy usually feels distant and sometimes repulsive once I get into a negative vibration.
  • The nature of your Twin Flame experiences is your truth. No one can judge how you feel.
I started a YOUTUBE Channel

Stay Blessed!

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