The first significant sign of meeting a Twin Flame is the spiritual awakening phase that you go through. 

You feel yourself waking up to yourself and your life situation. Your energetic vibration rises to a higher frequency than before. How do you manage the changes during the Twin Flame journey?

When your energetic vibration rises to a higher frequency, you start to purge your energy.

When you are going through a spiritual awakening, you want to surround yourself with positive energy. 

You prefer to be alone to being surrounded by negativity. It is best to seek solitude so that you can get to know yourself.

Once you spiritually awaken, you feel enlightened: You feel happiness sprouting from within. 

Is your Twin Flame still running from you? Here are some signs to know if they genuinely love you.

Once you achieve enlightenment, you feel empowered to progress further along on your journey.

As a Twin Flame, you have the same energetic signature as your partner; you both vibrate at the same energetic frequency.

If your Twin Flame is struggling with raising their energetic vibrations, it affects you too.

The Twin Flame journey teaches you to accept change in every way.

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, you feel a shift in your energy. Your Twin Flame encounter triggers an energetic merge; you both feel as if you both downloaded your energies into each other. What is the Twin Flame Bubble love phase and how long does it last for?

Being a Twin Flame requires you to accept the energetic merging so that you can balance the energetic oneness with your Twin Flame.

When you run from your Twin Flame, it means that you deny feeling the energetic merging. 

You choose to physically block your Twin Flame hoping that it would make you stop feeling the connection. How can you Surrender to Self-love?

To find the energetic balance between you and your Twin Flame, you go through a series of energetic purging process to purify your energy.

When you feel energetically cleansed, your Twin Flame feels it too, and the more you heal your core wounding, the more blissful you both feel.

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Stay Blessed!

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