How do you let go of a Twin Flame?

You can change yourself, move to a new place and start over but you cannot forget a Twin Flame.

The first instincts you get when you meet a Twin Flame are; your life will change forever, and you will love them forever! Here are some tips for you to prepare for the reunion with your Twin Flame.

Meeting a Twin Flame feels like you have been dormant. You feel like the Twin Flame snaps you out of the dogma.

You cannot forget the only true love. You remember every moment you shared with them. 

You crave more interaction with them. What is the infamous separation phase, and why is it a blessing in disguise?

A Twin Flame love is like a drug; you want more of it. You crave the high all the time. 

You are your best self when you are with them. Life is meaningful; you want to transform and become your best self because that is who you are when you are with a Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is in your blood; you feel them even when you are sleeping.

You feel like your life restarts when you meet them, and you live a life filled with happiness because you know love.

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Stay Blessed!

2 thoughts on “How do you let go of a Twin Flame?

  1. I have been trying very hard to fall in love with someone else, a someone who gives me all the attention that I have been craving. But it is no good. I only want my divine masculine and in a way, no attention from him is preferable to lots from others. A strange thing. Thank you for your post.


    1. Thank you for sharing! ❤️☀️


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