Does everybody have a Twin Flame?

When you initially separate from a Twin Flame, you go through series of separation grief. Here is how I managed to overcome the soul shock.

Are you asking about any of these questions about your Runner Twin Flame?

There is a unique person created just for you.

You have a perfect partner that is your equal match. A unique person that satisfies all your desires.

Your Twin Flame is the one; your perfect mirror. How do you reunite with your Twin Flame if you are married?

When you meet a Twin Flame, you have an imminent knowing that you are destined to be together.

You also feel a sacred eternal bond that affirms you that you are meant to spend a lifetime in deep, passionate, everlasting love.

After you meet a Twin Flame, you realize that they fill the void that you previously felt.

You feel complete; you feel the energetic oneness.

Your Twin Flame also is your perfect companion, lover, partner, best friend, guardian, and protector. Twin Flame Awakening; What are the Authentic Signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

You feel safe when you are around them. You trust the love connection even though you are physically separated.

This book will guide you through the chaotic initial stages of the Twin Flame Awakening phase.

Stay Blessed.

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