What advice would you give to a runner Twin Flame?

In a fictional world, you will think that there are signs that tell you if you are a Twin Flame or not.

But, in the real-life of Twin Flames, the encounter catches you by surprise.

It is until you go through the invigorating initial encounter that you realize you met someone special. Here are the unmistakable signs of meeting a Twin Flame.

Divine timing is always at play here because surrender will happen to you when you are ready to let go.

When you are ready to surrender, you will feel free within yourself to let your Twin Flame process flow without you trying to control it.

It has nothing to do with whether you are thinking of your Twin Flame or not. Are you new to the Twin Flame experiences? Here is a guide for you.

You will realize that the more you progress on this Twin Flame Journey, the more you feel your Twin Flame within yourself.

The Twin Flame connection keeps growing stronger every day.

The most challenging stage is dealing with the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame. After you surrender and work on yourself, you will embrace your connection harmoniously.

Your strength comes from letting yourself be free to experience all the emotions as they flow within you. If it is sadness, let yourself feel it. Also, let yourself feel happy. Have you found Surrender yet? Here are some tips for you.

Everything that you feel during your Twin Flame process is very significant because you are learning things about yourself that you did not know existed within you before.

Remember that apart from experiencing your Twin Flame process within, life on the outside is also happening. You still have obligations and responsibilities; you must keep up with your daily routines.

Find the strength within yourself to balance your Spiritual Awakening with your physical life situation.

Do you have any questions about being the chaser Twin Flame? Here are the answers to the mostly asked questions.

I advise you to take more care of yourself; disconnect yourself from everyone and everything in your life that lowers your energy vibration.

Seek solitude; give yourself a moment of self-reflection. For me, I started journaling my thoughts. I kept track of my progress every day.

Tracking your progress will motivate you to keep doing a great job of focusing on yourself; you will begin to appreciate your strengths. How do you start to dissolve your marriage to be with a Twin Flame?

As you learn your soul lessons, you start to feel your Twin Flame living inside of you. You keep waking up to your connection as it grows more intensely within.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel

Stay Blessed!

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