How do you know that a Twin Flame feels the same way that you do?

Here are the simplest signs of Twin Flame love.

  • If you have met your Twin Flame in the physical, you see it in their eyes. You see that they treat you as a gift. You are the only person that their soul is tethered to. When you meet a Twin Flame, you automatically feel the void within you filling up with inner peace and joy. You feel content knowing them. Are you new to the Twin Flame experiences? Here is a simple guide for you.
  • Secondly, you do not neet words to tell each other how you feel. You can guess what the other is thinking; you can also tell if they are happy or sad. The Twin Flame connection comes with a gift of telepathic communication. You can feel each other’s emotions, and you are in each other’s thoughts. From my experience, there are 6 Distinct stages of Twin Flame love.
  • If you are physically separated from each other, you feel your Twin Flame’s love in your heart. Even though you are separated by continents, the love connection does not fade. You feel your love connection grow and evolve. You dream of your Twin Flame more than often. You cannot stop thinking of them. Does the Twin Flame runner think of you as much as you think of them?
  • When you check-in on your Twin Flame, you learn that you both have grown, changed, and transformed after your initial encounter. You both go through mirrored series of changes inspired by the love you feel for each other. Here are some Twin Flame journey fun facts.

At the end of the day, you have to trust how you feel. Trust your gut and inner knowing. Have faith in the connection that you fee.

Have faith in divine love. Surrender to Self-love.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel.

Stay Blessed.

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