How has the CoronaVirus pandemic affected your Twin Flame journey?

Firstly, the Coronal virus situation is a global catastrophe. It has affected the entire human race in very many irreversible ways. It has changed how we socially interact with each other. It has changed our family and social dynamics. The human race has been affected economically, socially, and politically. My condolences to those who have lost a loved one during these challenging times.

Even though there is generally negativity that comes with the effects of a Pandemic, I have also taken the time to have closure within myself. The lockdown forced me to embrace solitude. I have learned a lot about myself and those around me. It has also showed to me the kind of things and people that I need or do not need in my life. How do you find inner peace and joy if you miss your Twin Flame everyday?

I have transformed; my healing accelerated during this period. I spend a lot of time in solitude meditating and reading.

Even though I have embraced the lockdown phase in a more positive way, I also acknowledge that the Coronavirus pandemic is also an obstacle to our reunion. I was almost reuniting with him but since we live on separate continents, most of the borders are closed. How do you know if a Twin Flame loves you?

I am using this phase of my journey to prepare and polish myself for the reunion. Once the borders are open and it is safe to travel, I know that my Twin Flame is the first person that I will go to.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel

Stay Blessed.

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