Why does a Twin Flame chaser chase?

Chasing a Twin Flame is a very frustrating experience. You feel emotionally exhausted.

Apart from feeling the emotional desolation that follows suit when you separate from a Twin Flame, you also have inner fears. These simple tips helped me to overcome the pain of missing a Twin Flame. They could be helpful to you.

When you have fears of any sort within, you feel insecure. You worry that you are not good enough for the Twin Flame.

You keep comparing yourself in a negative way to others because you do not acknowledge yourself.

Chasing a Twin Flame is in essence a form of running from yourself. You wish that your Twin Flame would fill the void that you feel within. When a Twin Flame runs from you, how do you know that they still miss you?

You also think that if you obsessively chase your Twin Flame, they will affirm to you that they love you.

Twin Flames love each other unconditionally and there is nothing that can sever the bond. It is a lesson that you learn over and over again as a Chaser.

When you finally give up on chasing a Twin Flame, you learn that whether you chase a Twin Flame or not, the connection is always there.

Also, you learn that surrendering and finding inner peace is for your own good. The more you accumulate happiness within, the easier it is to go through the Twin Flame experiences. These are simple Chaser surrender tips.

All in all, you will reunite with your Twin Flame when the timing is right. You have no control over your Twin Flame but you can control yourself.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel.

Stay Blessed.

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