How complicated does life get for the runner Twin Flame?

Life generally is complicated for any Twin Flame couple that is going through the running and chasing phase. You both miss each other terribly.

The Twin Flame runner’s life becomes more complicated because they try to suppress how they feel. It is very difficult to disguise feelings for a Twin Flame even though you try to find exotic ways of running. Are you asking about any of these questions about your Runner Twin Flame?

Also, life is very lonely for the runner because it is difficult to express your feelings to those who are not Twin Flames. The only person who would understand you is your Twin Flame partner.

If you run into a karmic relationship, you do not stop thinking of your Twin Flame. You dream of them. You have memories of the fun you had. You always feel the euphoric feelings that Twin Flame love brings to you. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

Soon or later, the only way for the runner to have peace is by confronting their feelings. This is when you realise that there is nowhere to hide from the Twin Flame connection.

You eventually return home to your Twin Flame.

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Stay Blessed!

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