What happens when you block the Twin Flame runner?

Have you ever closed the door on someone? It is how it feels to block a Twin Flame. When you do, they don’t go anywhere no matter how awkward the situation becomes.

Every Twin Flame pair has been through the awkward stage of running and chasing. It is a phase of confusion and confrontation.

When you confront a Twin Flame about your feelings, you have no idea that the situation would escalate as fast as it does.

You expect him or her to say that they feel the same way. It turns out to be the opposite; you freak them out because they feel the connection too but they feel vulnerable and insecure to accept that they deserve to feel happy.

As the chaser, you are always haunted by questions as to why you cannot understand the runner’s behavior. On top of that, the runner does not deny their feelings for you. They either say you make them feel uncomfortable or overwhelm them.

The runner stays in the background of your life because he or she cannot shake the feelings of love. The attraction between you grows more intensely every day.

There is a part of yourself that stays with your Twin Flame. There is also a part of your Twin Flame that is always with you. This is partly the reason why you cannot stop thinking of them.

Blocking the runner will not keep you from chasing. You complicate the situation when you do but it is for the best. It triggers actions healing for both of you. You question everything that you feel.

Stay Blessed!

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