How do you enjoy your Twin Flame process?

Accept that you deserve to feel the love feelings that a Twin Flame connection brings to you. Do not put up a resistance to it. Embrace the intense euphoric feelings. Soak your heart in the joy of feeling pure unconditional love.

Enjoy the bliss; set yourself free from anxiety and fear. Open your heart to the connection within.

When you feel the Twin Flame love, you feel connected to the source of your being. You feel natural. You feel authentic. You feel blessed.

Believe in your blessings. Believe that you are lucky to be a Twin Flame. Believe in the connection that you feel within. Believe in unconditional love.

Quiet the mind; use meditation and solitude to connect with your Twin Flame using your heart space. When your mind takes over, you feel anxious and doubtful that your Twin Flame does not love you.

When the mind is quiet during meditation, you feel the heart attraction between you. You feel the shared energy; you feel the soul oneness.

When you sleep and dream of your Twin Flame, you still feel the connection as if they are physically present.

Love is love.

Stay Blessed!

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