Twin Flame runner symptoms and signs.

The runner Twin Flame loves the most; they already understand that separation would be helpful to figure out the nature of your connection. The runner also has an inner knowing that you will end up together if it is an authentic connection.

He or she trusts that soon or later you will come back to each other. The timing of your meeting could be unprecedented. The runner is always grounded in their energy. The runner also grounds the chaser because they anchor you.

The chaser on the other hand feels unsure of themselves and the connection. This is why they chase; to have closure from the runner if they feel the same way.

The runner rattles your emotions and feelings. You feel the chaotic emotions that consume you daily. You feel uneasy — you feel restless. You want to have peace in your life but you don’t know how to start.

The chaser learns further along the Twin Flame process that nothing can sever the bond. You realize that it is best to find peace and inner harmony as you go through the experiences.

Stay Blessed!

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