How long does a Twin Flame separation take?

This question makes every Twin Flame tremble with fear. You have no control over how long it takes to reunite.

Sometimes if you that you might not see each other again, you run into each other.

Other times you would assume that your Twin Flame is coming back soon but the obstacles between you block your reunion. 

Some situations are very uncontrollable like the case of a pandemic where the borders are closed. If you live on different continents, it is physically impossible to see each other.

If your Twin Flame is married with children, you have to give them space. The separation would take longer.

Your Twin Flame can also choose their karmic partner over you. He or she can stay married if they are afraid of making changes because of the uncertainty. 

If you both love each other, you will do the impossible to reunite.

You have to trust divine timing. Trust the love that you feel for a Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed!

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