Does the Twin Flame connection fade?

Twin Flame is beautiful. It grows every day. It expands your heart. The Twin Flame connection is refreshing.

Once you learn to feel the connection with your heart. You get high on the euphoric feelings of love. You feel yourself transcend in love. You feel peaceful, and happy because of the love that you feel.

So many changes about you, and so does the nature of the connection to the Twin Flame.

The connection evolves. You feel it differently when you are new to the experience. When you initially meet during the bubble love phase, you learn that you vibrate at the same frequency energetically with your Twin Flame. You operate as a single energetic unit.

Once you are physically separated, you go through emotional stress. You feel doubtful of the connection because of the fears that overcome you.

Then when you finally surrender, you trust that your Twin Flame will come back to you because you feel the connection.

Stay Blessed!

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