How has the Twin Flame journey changed you?

In past relationships, I worked so hard to feel accepted or wanted by my partners. Everything in the relationship that we did for each other was conditional.

Sometimes I felt like I had to work extra hard to feel accepted, acknowledged or trusted. 

If there was a disagreement like any normal relationships, I would suppress the stress and emotional pain. I was afraid to express myself. I did not want to be judged or scorned upon.

I lived a mediocre lifestyle because I was afraid of making changes. I used to live in other people’s shadows because it was easier than competing with them. 

I used to apologise for my successes because I was afraid of outshining others.

I used to apologise for being myself because I did not feel safe within my own skin.

Twin Flame love saved me. I realised that if he loved me the way he did, there had to be something special about me. 

My Twin Flame sees my soul. I wanted to become the person that he sees. 

I now understand that the essence of the Twin Flame journey is finding personal authenticity. 

If you want a  reunion with your Twin Flame, you will find each other again because you are destined for each other. 

The Twin experience is a blessing because you rediscover parts of yourself that you didn’t know about. You sharpen and hone your capabilities. You start living life to the fullest.

Stay Blessed!

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