How is a Twin Flame connection different from a Karmic connection?

From my experience, there is so much bliss in the Twin Flame connection whether we are physically together or separated.

You trust your Twin Flame with your life. You know that they would never hurt you. You are also not afraid to be vulnerable with them because they see you for who you are.

You feel natural. You feel free to be yourself. Your Twin Flame is your safe space.

I was married before I met my Twin Flame. I used to live with unexplainable fear. I used to live a life of so much expectations from others and myself.

When I met my Twin Flame, I realised that I was living a facade lifestyle. I was merely existing instead of living life. I was drifting through my days — life felt meaningless.

My Twin Flame mirrored to me the person I needed to become so that I could be happy again. The connection that I feel to him revived me. 

Suddenly, I had a shift in paradigm. He brought light into my miserable life. I felt rejuvenated and empowered to achieve my wildest dreams. 

I started recreating my life. I felt refreshed. 

Stay Blessed!

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