What are the fears that you have when you meet a Twin Flame yet you are married?

The fear of ending up alone

Your Twin Flame can meet you when you have no plans to change your life situation. They walk into your life during times when you feel comfortable. You sometimes believe that you are happy.

The fear of abandonment takes over you because you have no guarantee that when you divorce your husband, your Twin Flame will be available for a relationship. Twin Flame Awakening; What are the Authentic Signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

Apart from worrying about ending up lonely, you also fear that if you separated from your husband, you will separate from your old friends and previous extended family.

Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

The fear of judgment

Some cultures scorn upon divorce. It is taboo to leave your marriage even if you are not happy with your life situation. If divorce is taboo in your culture, you automatically become an outcast.

The fear of uncertainty

When you meet a Twin Flame, you have an imminent feeling that change will take over your life.

When you go through the changes, your life is shaken. You go through a series of chaos. Some changes are gradual, and others are accelerated. Twin Flame Chaser Pain or Learn to Surrender

It is not easy to embrace all the changes that come your way.

Other fears that a Twin Flame would have are Financial insecurity — If you have your finances tied up with your husband, it affects your life situation. Are you asking any of these Questions about the Twin Flame Chaser?

Sometimes if you have a joint business with your Karmic partner, you would have to change your work situation so that you can have a chance with your Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed!

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