What do you do if you meet your Twin Flame when they are single but he or she chooses to marry someone else?

You can never choose to meet a Twin Flame. The events that unfold after your initial encounter are all beyond your control.

You can meet a Twin Flame when you are both single but not ready to confront your feelings for each other which can cause a temporary separation.

One of the reasons why a Twin Flame would choose to marry someone else over you is because they could be afraid of feeling vulnerable when they are around you. It is not your fault. 

A Twin Flame would deny themselves the blessings of a union with you because he or she does not feel worthy of pure love.

It could be that the overwhelming feelings they have for you trigger so much pain within themselves that they had buried within themselves.

Not every Twin Flame is ready to confront the chaotic Twin Flame emotions. 

Stay Blessed!

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