Characteristics of a Twin Flame Runner.

It is not fun being the runner Twin Flame. It is also not fun for the chaser. The phases of running and chasing exist to teach both Twin Flames fundamental lessons about themselves.

He or she has to dip deeper within themselves to identify the blockages that prevent them from accepting unconditional love.

Every Twin Flame is capable of running or chasing. The runner feeds off the chaser’s energy. You keep running from the divine partner because they provoke intense feelings of emotional pain that you buried within yourself.

You feel vulnerable and exposed to your Twin Flame.

Even though the chaser’s behavior infuriates you, you love it. 

 The runner knows and acknowledges the bond that you share. The runner misses the chaser too. He or she feels the longing. Whether you chase or run from a Twin Flame, you think of him or her all the time.

I learned from my running experiences that Twin Flame love is inescapable. Your running behaviors push you to acknowledge yourself. 

It is very uncomfortable at first when you confront your fears as a runner. You go through all the stages of grief. You sometimes wish that you never met your Twin Flame. 

I was scared of facing my core wounding. I knew that I had so much pain and guilt buried within. I knew right away when I met my Twin Flame that changes would have to take place in my life situation and within for me to accept him unconditionally.

I thought that he was the root cause of the pain that I was experiencing. I was harsh to him. I blamed him for the emotional chaos that our encounter triggered within.

Stay Blessed!

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