How do you feel when the Twin Flame runner returns?

When you separate from a Twin Flame, you fear that they will not come back. As time progresses, you lose hope. You feel doubtful about your connection. You attempt to move on.

Unfortunately, every effort that you invest in forgetting your Twin Flame is fruitless.

Even though you feel hopeless without a Twin Flame, an external divine force guides you through your experiences.

When you get to the point where I am at on my journey, you stop putting up an inner resistance to the flow of your Twin Flame process.

You stop resisting the love that you feel flowing within you.

I must admit that I went through a phase of fearing the return of my Twin Flame. I was overwhelmed by thoughts of a reunion.

Even though I felt healed, I felt uncomfortable seeing him again. I learned that I needed to align my new Twin Flame energetic vibrations with my physical situation.

The Twin Flame process works through you from the inside to the outside.

I realized that even though I felt healed, I was uncomfortable seeing him again because I had to clear the physical obstacles in my life situation.

I had to make sure that I was ready psychologically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Stay Blessed!

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