What are you supposed to work on yourself during separation?

When I analyzed my situation further, I learned that I was not comfortable with my body. I needed to take more care of myself. I had to make sure that when I am in the presence of my Twin Flame, I feel safe within myself.

I had to make sure I feel comfortable in my skin.

When I focused on taking better care of my physical beauty: Skin, hair, physique, wellbeing — it increased my self-esteem.

I realized that there was more work to be done on myself than I assumed.

I was very eager to see my Twin Flame again. I knew that I had to first work on my insecurities.

I realized that I must feel grounded within myself so that our reunion does not trigger running from him.

It took me another year of self-preparation to feel ready to see him again.

You have to have hope that you will see your Twin Flame again. You will reunite.

You will celebrate your love because you are destined to find each other in this lifetime.

Stay Blessed!

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