Can Twin Flame love be one-sided?

Even though you deeply desire to reunite with your Twin Flame, you have to believe in your love connection. You have to trust how you feel. You have to believe in love.

If you have met your Twin Flame, you know with all your heart that the connection is not one-sided. You do not need words to tell each other how you feel.

When you look in his or her eyes, you feel an affirmation that you both feel the same way for each other.

Your love connection is tested further when you go into the separation phase. You feel your Twin Flame pulling you into the connection. You feel your heart beating with love. Your heart area warms up whenever your Twin Flame thinks of you.

You also think of him or her every second of the day. 

Feeling connected to your Twin Flame gives you a sense of belonging. You feel loved. You feel blessed to share the 

Stay Blessed!

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