When does the runner Twin Flame return?

You can try different ways to disconnect from a Twin Flame. You can travel far from them. You can date as many people as your u want but the heart wants him or her.

You can build a successful life. You can thrive in all other areas of your life but you still have a void within. Nothing you do or have can fill the emptiness.

Without your Twin Flame’s presence, your life is meaningless.

When you eventually overcome your frustrations, you return to a Twin Flame because there is nowhere else to put the love you feel.

If you have tried dating others right after you separate from a Twin Flame, you feel unappreciated by others. You know that only your Twin Flame can understand how you feel.

When you try to reconcile with your Twin Flame, the situation is awkward. You feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

You have mutual acknowledgments with your Twin Flame. You both feel the magnetic connection. You both want to give love a chance.

No matter what you said or did to your Twin Flame, you reconcile to create a harmonic relationship.

Stay Blessed!

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