How do you feel the Twin Flame shared energy?

I had it rough yesterday. I woke up feeling happy and grounded within myself. Lately, I no longer stress about what my Twin Flame is doing over there. We live on separate continents. I love my simple life. I use my time to help other Twin Flames with advice on how to advance happily on their journeys.

I also changed my job to something that positively impacts others in my community. I am happy to be a source of positive change in the lives of others.

When I walk down the street, people comment on how I have changed for the best. I enjoy being myself and others can see it. Some people tell me that I am a beacon of light and love. 

When I finally learned to embrace my experiences, I felt free. I accepted that my life will always keep changing. I accepted to move forward with the flow the Twin Flame journey. I let the universe take control of the course of the process.

I learned that I have so much love buried within me. I tapped into it. I learned to give myself someone of the love that is within me.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the connection. I felt him so strongly. I was happy feeling connected to him. I instantly started missing him. I could feel the sad feelings radiating towards him.

He reciprocated with more intense feelings of sadness. I always know when we miss each other at the same time. Suddenly, I felt intense energy around my heart. I could feel it breaking. I held my chest because I felt energy coiling within my chest.

The feeling lasted for over six hours. To release the pressure of the energy in my chest, I kept puking. I was lovesick all day.

I stayed in bed flooded with memories of him. I let the love connection consume me.
Even though the energetic share with my Twin Flame is uncomfortable, it is an affirmation that we feel each other.

Stay Blessed!

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