How do you tell that someone is your Twin Flame?

When you initially meet, you do not treat that person as your Twin Flame. You find the answers after you separate. It is when you realize that you met a special.

You feel a void within you when they leave; you have a compulsion to check in on them.

When you retrace backwards and investigate why you cannot stop thinking of that particular person, you realize that something is special about them.

When you start looking for answers as to why ever since you separated, you feel yourself changing within; your energetic vibration changes every day and you feel their essence with you all the time.

When I met my Twin Flame for the first time, I saw myself in him; he is a perfect reflection of both my fears and deepest desires.

Meeting him challenged me to look within myself. I had to face any fears that was buried within me, and also cleanse any emotional pain that was lodged within me. 

The process of getting to know myself was a journey that I took deep within to embrace, nurture and heal my inner child. 

The emotional pain and fear that I inhibited was rooted within my core; my inner child was suffering.

The Twin Flame encounter triggered the pain — it is like it was activated because of the new energetic vibration.

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Suddenly, I was energetically vibrating at a higher frequency than before; I felt empowered to let go of any pain that I was hiding within myself. I wanted to feel free of the fears that were holding me down. I wanted to become my authentic self.

When I met my Twin Flame, I was very complaisant about everything in my life; I was very comfortable living a mediocre life because I was uninspired to make the changes that I needed to do.

I had given up on my dreams — I was in a very dark place when I met my Twin Flame. I felt lost.

I did not expect him to be a special person to me; I couldn’t wait to have him out of my life once his trip was over. I couldn’t wait to have my life back to normal.

My life never went back to normal. Every day after my Twin Flame has been full of surprising changes; some have been easy to go through and others have been filled with challenging obstacles that changed me during the process of discovering the needed solutions.

Stay Blessed!

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