Will a Twin Flame sleep around during the separation phase?

It is a nightmare knowing that you cannot control your Twin Flame’s behavior during the separation phase. 

I keep reminding myself that I never asked for the Twin Flame experiences. I never knew that I was capable of embracing immense love. I did not expect the changes that transformed me to have been so alchemical. 

Sometimes I tell myself that whatever brought my Twin Flame to me will eventually bring him back. 

Your Twin Flame is free to sleep around and date whoever they desire. You cannot control this. 

I was married when I met my Twin Flame. I have been through implacable changes. I am a new human being. I feel like the Twin Flame experiences have granted me a new opportunity to enjoy my life authentically.

When I had initially separated from him, I struggled to leave my estranged marriage. At some point, I relapsed and tried to get back with my ex-husband. I learned that my marriage was already over before I met my Twin Flame three years ago. 

My Twin Flame was single then. He would have casual sex with women from a dating app. We both did not realize then that we are Twin Flames to each other.

I accepted my new Twin Flame lifestyle. I have been single and loving it. I know that my Twin Flame is still free to date others. 

The truth is that I know that we are special to each other. I know that he can meet and date younger women or prettier but we both know that we are each other’s home.

I was introduced to a nice man by mutual friends. He is successful, strong, and grounded within himself. He is the kind of man that I can see myself dating. He like me as well.

I know that if I started dating, I would still think of my Twin Flame every second of the day the way I do. I cannot dissolve the connection or detach myself from the bond. It feels impossible to move on from him. I feel my Twin Flame in my blood. 

I also learned that the new guy that my friends introduced me to has certain aspects of his personality that resemble my Twin Flame. Perhaps I found him interesting because he reminds me of him. 

I am afraid that any connection that I forge with anyone who is not my Twin Flame is not as authentic. I know that I will only be misleading others if I pretended to love them the way I love my Twin Flame.

I have also learned that you can give your body to as many people as you like but the connection is still alive in you.

Meeting a Twin Flame feels like a curse.

Stay Blessed!

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